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Shandong HaoDeSen chemical Co., Ltd, CN

Pharmaceuticals,Herbal Plant Extract,Antibiotic and antimicrobial agent

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Shandong HaoDeSen chemical Co., Ltd,which established in 2002, is a specialized in chemical researching, developing, manufacturing and trading enterprises,which is one of parts of Shandong HoaDeSen International Trade Co., Ltd) Meanwhile,HaoDesen. has been dealing in importing borax chemical products from Russia, USA, Chile Turkey and so on and becomes a professional corporation in the field of borax products. The main products we are dealing with include: Borax Pentahydrate,Borax acid,Borax Decahydrate,DIPE,Chloride,Pharmaceutical,Calcium formate..The corporation is a new modern enterprise putting together with foreign trade, manufacture, marketing, and technology research. At present, HoaDeSen is located in the ZiBo Shandong province (one of developed provinces of China), is only 200km and 100km away from Qingdao Port and Jinan ( the capital of Shandong province); moreover, it is next to Jiaoji railway, Jiqing expressway and Laibo expressway; we enjoy good location and excelle... [Details]